Ordinance 01: Regulating Salvage Dealers
Ordinance 02 - Regulating Burning and Prevention Suppression
Ordinance 03: Regulating Solid Waste & Recycling
Ordinance 04: Regulating Deposit of Snow on Public Hwy
Ordinance 05: Regulating Circuses, Carnivals, Shows, Concerts, Race Tracks, Exhibitions
Ordinance 06: Regulating Vehicular Traffic Alexander Field
Ordinance 07: Regulating Use of Firearms, Bows, Arrows, Weapons
Ordinance 07 - Hunting Restrictions Map
Ordinance 08: Grand Rapids Animal Code
Ordinance 10 - Regulation of Speed Limits
Ordinance 11: Regulating Snowmobiles
Ordinance 12: Regulating-Gifts-or-Gratuities
Ordinance 13: Prohibiting certain activities made crimes
Ordinance 14: Regulating Vehicle Traffic
Ordinance 15: Regulating Town Road Names
Ordinance 16: Regulating Height in Vicinity of Airport
Ordinance 17: Regulating Bicycles
Ordinance 19: Regulating the Construction of Roads, the Method of Financing Same and the Alteration and Excavation of Town Right-of-Way
Ordinance 20: Regulating Number of Town Board Members
Ordinance 21: Regulating Parking Upon Hwy
Ordinance 24: Building Code
Ordinance 25: Regulating Display of House Numbers
Ordinance 28: Regarding Video Service
Ordinance 29: Regulating Fermented Malt Beverages and Intoxicating Liquor
Ordinance 30: Regulating Junk Vehicles
Ordinance 31: Regulating Disorderly Conduct with Motor Vehicle
Ordinance 32: Regulating Treasurer's Bond
Ordinance 33: Regulating Curfew
Ordinance 34: Protecting Town Water Supply
Ordinance 35: Regulating Activities on Lake Wazeecha
Ordinance 36: Regulating Pmt of Claims Prior to Issuing Liquor License
Ordinance 37: Regulating Charges for Removal of Vehicle
Ordinance 38: Regulating Administration of Tax Exempt Properties
Ordinance 39: Regulating Schedule of Fees and Table of Forfeitures
Ordinance 40: Regulating Holding Tanks for New Construction
Ordinance 41: Establishing Policies and Procedures of New Street Light Installations
Ordinance 42: Regulating Board of Review
Ordinance 43: Regulating Disposal of Non-Town Owned Property
Ordinance 44: Regulating Snow & Ice Removal
Ordinance 45: Regulating Volunteer Fire Dept Accounts
Ordinance 46: Regulating Payment of Bills
Ordinance 47: Regulating Municipal Court
Ordinance 48: Regulating Private Alarm Systems
Ordinance 49: Regulating Wood County Parks
Ordinance 50: Regulating Recodification of Ordinances
Ordinance 51: Land Subdivision
Ordinance 52: Regulating Zoning
Ordinance 53: Noise
Ordinance 55: Regulating the Sale or Use of Fireworks
Ordinance 56: Creating and Establishing the Police and Fire Commission
Ordinance 57: Regulating the Harboring of Minor Runaways
Ordinance 58: The Comprehensive Plan
Ordinance 59: Regulating All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV)
Ordinance 60: Regulating Harassment of Police and Fire Animals
Ordinance 61: Adopting Notice of Records Acceess
Ordinance 62: Regulating Neighborhood Electric Vehicles
Ordinance 63: Regulating Synthetic Cannabinoid
Ordinance 64: Regulating Sexually Oriented Businesses
Ordinance 65: Regulating the Destruction of Obsolete Public Records
Ordinance 66: Establishing Split Shifts for Election Workers
Ordinance 67: Governing Weight Limits
Ordinance 68: Governing Truancy
Ordinance 69: Requiring a Permit for Public Events on Town Highways
Ordinance 70: Licensing-and-Regulation
Ordinance 71: Prohibiting Bullying and Harassment
Ordinance 72: Collection-of-Municipal-Utility-Arrearages